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Whether you own a small cafe or bustling restaurant, it’s never good news when one of your commercial grills, ranges, ovens, microwaves, or fryers is out of the game. This can mean slower service and unhappy customers. So instead of scrambling to keep up with orders, call AJ’s Restaurant Service, your local commercial cooking equipment repair leader. We are prepared and equipped to answer your call 24/7 so that you can get the speedy service you need and deserve!

We are a local company that is here to support other local businesses like your restaurant, cafe, or bar. So when you contact us for your commercial cooking equipment repair in Springdale, Rogers, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, or any of the surrounding areas, know that we are committed to getting your business back up and running fast. So don’t wait any longer if your cooking equipment is on the fritz. Call AJ’s Restaurant Service now to schedule your appointment. 

The Local Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair Experts

You’re not only getting a friendly, local commercial cooking equipment repair pro when you choose us. You’ll also receive:

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Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair Service Menu

Your first instinct when your fryer or range breaks down may be to cut your losses and buy a new unit. But why do that when you can hire a commercial cooking equipment repair technician that can fix it at an affordable price? Even if your breakdown seems hopeless, most problems can be taken care of by one of AJ’s Restaurant Service’s highly-trained professionals. 

Whether you have a fryer not heating up or a commercial oven not turning on, our commercial cooking equipment repair service experts are here to get your unit back in business. Below are just some of the many common problems we take care of every day. Contact us now for these and any other issues your commercial cooking appliance may have. 

Commercial Gas Range Not Lighting

A commercial range is a staple for any restaurant. If you find that your commercial gas range won’t light, you may fall behind on orders. Our commercial cooking equipment repair service techs can fix a:

  • Faulty spark electrode
  • Damaged spark wire
  • Failed spark ignition switch

Commercial Oven
Not Heating

If your commercial oven isn’t heating up, your production for baked goods will come to a halt. We want to help you get your oven in working order, so we’ll diagnose and repair any of the following causes:

  • Broken igniter
  • Faulty bake spark electrode
  • Failed thermal fuse

Commercial Fryer Leaking Oil

Some dishes just can’t be made without a commercial fryer. If your unit is leaking oil, that can be harmful to the machine and cause a fall hazard for your employees. Our techs may find one of these parts as the culprit:

  • Cracked drain pipe
  • Worn gasket
  • Defective oil container

We Repair Most Commercial Cooking Equipment Brands

There’s a reason why so many local restaurant owners choose the commercial cooking equipment repair service experts at AJ’s Restaurant Service. We work on a wide variety of major and high-end brands, so you won’t have to look anywhere else for a technician that has the training and skill to fix your equipment. 

From American Range repair to Garland commercial oven repair, you can count on us for a lasting repair 24/7. Contact us day or night for service on any of the following brands and more:

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